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Netball Singapore(NS) has progressed dramatically since it commenced in 1962 with 23 registered clubs. It has emerged from being an amateur sport run by volunteer management who relied on grants and donations, to becoming a professionally run NSA with secretariat staff and which generates a proportion of its expenditure through revenue generation and sponsorship. NS is the National body for netball in Singapore.

Since its inception, netball - as the fastest growing women’s sport in Singapore with an estimated 80,000 active social and competitive members - has achieved a number of important milestones that showcase what the sport has achieved in the area of excellence.

NS hosted the World Championships in 1983, the first Asian country to participate in the World Championship, as well as the first in Asia to host a tournament of such large capacity as well as an international Pre-Commonwealth Games Extravaganza in 1998 and an International Extravaganza in 2001.

In addition, Singapore has a well-established infrastructure to support major conferences. The International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) held its 2001 Congress in Singapore. This attracted almost 100 delegates from over 30 nations. The Asian Federation of Netball Associations(AFNA) has its Secretariat based in Singapore and also attracts several delegates to meetings here.

The year 1999 proved an important milestone when Netball Singapore took its first step towards professionalism by forming the Netball Super League annually; a four-month long, 10-round tournaments developed to cater for elite players in Singapore.

Netball Singapore constantly plays host to international club teams and schools who travel here on vacation/educational visits and assists them by arranging games for them during their holiday. International Coaching and Umpiring Clinics have provided another avenue through which we have been able to support tourism.

To support elite players who are students, Netball Singapore awards study scholarships each year, as well as interest free study loans so that players can pursue overseas qualifications to enhance their sporting careers.

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